Wednesday, June 4, 2008

dreamer, yet realist

alright, the idea about sleeping outside for a month doesn't really make sense but i just cling on to ideas sometimes. one thing i do know is that God is calling me to live a radical life for Him. i do not want to get stuck in a 9-5 for the rest of my life and just live paycheck to paycheck. that is so scary to me. sure if you live a radical life for God you may not know where your next bit of money will come from but at least you know in whom you have believed. and isn't that more important?

i cannot waste my life. i just can't. God has given us all this amazing gift of life and i think He really wants us to see the importance in the life we are given. somehow society has brainwashed us to think a "career", a piece of property, some acquired materials and money is all that life is about. what do most people worry about? those things i just listed. that is not what life is about.

there's more to it. my prayer is that God will guide me along this journey called life and that i will not waste this precious gift by conforming to the world, rather that God can use me to change people's hearts and draw them close to Him.


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