Sunday, June 29, 2008

back home

mexico city was a blast. God is doing some amazing things down there. i really hope our team of students and leaders can bring the enthusiasm for people coming to know Christ home with them. over 1600 people came to know Jesus as their Savior on the missions trip.

it was my first missions trip so it was definitely a great experience and i had an awesome time connecting with God and our team. now, all we gotta do is put it into action hear and stay in tune with what God is doing in charleston and be ready for him to put us to work here. the task of missions and evangelism is to important not to go all out for God. we are on the frontline where life or death is decided and where heaven or hell is determined. this is the place where people have their eternity and their forever determined. if we don't sound the horn (Ezekiel 33) their blood is on our hands.

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