Sunday, December 7, 2008

sundays are my favorite days

9:00 am - arrive at SHIFT to get ready for environments
9:40 am - leader meeting & prayer with our awesome 10:00 am Middle School group leaders
10:00 am - service begins with some really fun games which i had the privilege of hosting (decorate your leader & egg nog chug through a candy cane straw); worship; message; GROUPS!!
11:10 am - another leader meeting & prayer with our amazing 11:30 am Middle School group leaders
11:30 am - our second service begins and we get to worship God again (except this time my microphone doesn't work; the gameroom has a mind of its own as far as programming goes)
1:00 pm - we are packed up and headed to wild wing cafe to watch 7 nfl games at the same time (allison couldn't come today :( she was in a parade)
3:30 pm - write a blog post and watching games on tv and gamecast on my computer (holding onto a small lead against kevin harris in our fantasy football playoff game)
5:30 pm - arrive at THE AVENUE to get ready for service
6:00 pm - leader meeting & prayer with our super HS group leaders
6:30 pm - dinner at THE AVE, followed by worship, a message by phillip and GROUPS!!
9:30 pm - lock up the extension after hanging out with the band, leaders and students after THE AVENUE
11:00 pm - call allison to say goodnight, read for a bit and call it a day

p.s. i like mondays too

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