Saturday, August 9, 2008

thinking groups

all i can think about lately is this idea of community that God has placed on my heart. it is almost as though He is revealing to me my calling for the ministry i was created to do. in groups i feel it is our responsibility to show others God, not just talk about Him.

when doing ministry i feel we put so many things ahead of the main things. (of course, if God and the Gospel aren't the main thing in your ministry, you should just hang it up) but i think another key to ministry is putting people ahead of production/tasks/programs. as a follower of Christ i am called to go and make disciples and sure there are intriguing, creative ways of doing so but i cannot get so focused on the WAYS that i lose connection with the PEOPLE. i have to put the people that i am investing in first because lives are truly changed through meaningful relationships.

that is where our student ministry is headed. i am so excited to be a part of it. that conversation i was having with the small groups/volunteers pastor at our church sparked this post as well because we were talking about how to engage people in a group discussion about their relationship with a God who sometimes seems so far away. he said a simple thing that really got me thinking, "i like to ask them what has God been saying to them lately, and when they look puzzled and finally say, 'nothing', then ask them, 'why nothing?' and when they realize they are the problem in the relationship they will start taking revolutionary steps toward connecting to a God who is closer than they know." <-- longest run-on ever, but really thought provoking

yeah, i know. this post was too long. and now it's even longer because i am typing about how long an already too long post it is. now it is complete.

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