Sunday, August 3, 2008

staff retreat

so, we (phillip, kevin, brian, sarah, billy and myself) went out to the lake for our staff retreat this weekend and it was very productive.

God helped us open some discussion that we wouldn't typically ave with one another. our relationships and understanding of one another was strengthened. we also developed a mission statement and our core values. we nixed our "youth group" name and hopefully nixed the term "youth group" within our student ministry team (Northwood Student Ministry; NSM). we thought of some new potential environment names and recognized roles and structure within the organization.

we also had some fun by playing some games and just hanging out and eating with each other. i enjoyed the work and fun time this weekend so much. when we were creating and developing aspects of the ministry, that made me want to just working because i really realized this is what i love doing and this is what i was created to do. even though we were working very diligently on our student ministry department it did not seem like work at all.

what a great weekend and great leadership team we have at NSM. i am so excited about what God is doing at our church and with our department.

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