Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"one of the greatest places to work in town"

i heard andy stanley during a talk at the drive conference this year talk about making npcc the best place to work in atlanta and i could not understand the comparison to working at a church and working at a "regular" job (sorry for that " ", it seems really vain and its not). its not vain because i work a job at a church and a "regular" job and let me tell you, there is a world of difference.

i have heard that church jobs can be "eeek" but it should be our responsibility as church leaders and co-workers to create a culture that is the best place to work in each of our cities. i also believe my other job has so much potential but they are still trying to iron out many wrinkles.

i have been on staff at this church as an intern and now part time as the student ministry groups director for a total of about a year and it has been great. some keys that i have picked up on that make a work place a great environment to work are: a creative decor, a common vision, similar work ethic, various styles, a true love for the work you are doing and a true love for the people whom you are working with.

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