Tuesday, November 11, 2008


what an excellent thing rest is. i really enjoy sleeping. when i got home today i was so tired but i couldn't go to sleep. this wasn't the type of rest i needed.

allison, her mom, and i went and visited allison's grandparents in cincinnati this past week. the 10-hour drive wore me out and i had not had a chance to catch up on my rest since i have gotten back on saturday afternoon. the rest i needed was to be recharged by God. God did that today through complete silence on my back porch (which i don't access near enough). the beauty of the night and coolness of the air were so magnificent tonight, and it is so amazing that nature was created by God and we can see His glory all over things like these. even thought the drive back from cincy wore me out i saw the beauty of His creation in the mountains, the starry night, and the colors of the autumn leaves. and man, was it beautiful!

just seeing the beauty of God in His creation makes me so happy and energizes me instantaneously. oh how i love to be recharged by His love, by His majesty, by His beauty, and by His glory.

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