Saturday, October 11, 2008


what a great conference! i heard so many great talks that were definitely from God and really spoke to our team. the emcees, lanny donoho and reggie joiner were awesome. they brought in a school bus, an elephant and jeff foxworthy. some inspiring stories were from a choir in africa and a student who started an organization to fight aids when he was 9 yrs old. here are some things i got from some of the speakers:

andy stanley - your moral authority gives you the boldness to lead. let what you have to say about these areas (forgivess, family, finances) match your practices in these areas.

become preoccupied with those you haven't reached as opposed to those you are trying to keep.

craig groeschel - honest. pray for God to heal me, stretch me, and ruin me.

matt chandler - guard your life and doctrine. speak truth directly from the Word in a contextualized language that people can understand.

steven furtick - passion. Scripture memorization. in between the promise God has given you and the payoff of that promise, there is a process.

dave ramsey - i have never heard ramsey speak on anything besides financial management. he spoke on the enemies of unity and it was phenomenal. the 5 enemies of unity: poor communication, gossip, unresolved disagreements, lack of shared purpose, sanctioned incompetence.

jim collins - humility is the signature quality of level 5 leaders.

what a blessing from God that this conference was for me, for our team, and for our church. the Spirit of God was definitely in that place.

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I can't find Mark Chandler's blog
: [ but I am so excited to see what is gonna take place soon!