Friday, September 5, 2008

tropical storm preparation

Hanna is on her way. So, today Allison and I went to Blockbuster and Bruster's to prepare for the tropical storm. We got a pint of MY favorite ice cream (which she also enjoys) Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. If you have never tried it, please do. Your life will be changed. If you're a fud dud and love Butter Pecan then just stick with that. But seriously, give CRT a chance. I typically don't like fruit in my ice cream but this is the perfect combo.

We rented two DVDs at Blockbuster. We rented Disc 1 of Season 1 of Mad Men because we have caught a glimpse of some episodes on TV, and we wanted to do it right and start from the beginning of the series. So here we go.

We also wanted a comedy and I have been getting some flack at work from Phillip and Kevin about how much better Christmas Vacation is than Vegas Vacation (my favorite). I saw Christmas Vacation when I was young so I am going to give a chance to dethrone Vegas Vacation. I'll let you know what happens.

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